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Finding a good Technical SEO Company, agency or consultant is not easy; anybody can claim to be an expert and most SEO work is very difficult to gauge.

It’s a sad fact that a number of SEO Companies simply correct layout, add some content and run a link building campaign. While beneficial, these activities are better performed in-house as you will have more knowledge of your Company than any external content creator.

At Trinito we focus on the technical aspects of SEO, but will also guide and mentor our clients to continuously improve their Search Engine Results.

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Structured Data for Rich Results with Technical SEO

Structured Data (also called schema) is code or markup that is added to a web page to help Search Engines understand the content.

For example, if you have a FAQ page on your website, there is specific markup that you can apply to let the crawlers know that each FAQ line is a question with an answer, this increases the chance that your content is added to the “People also ask” section – why would you not want that?

Google even have a Rich Results Testing Tool that you can use to check your website pages for accuracy.

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Fix Missing Schema with Technical SEO

A number of the Structured Data Properties are considered optional, however if you have the information you should always publish it as it can generate rich results within the search pages.

Most sites we look at, including Companies with large SEO budgets, fail to publish valuable information – even Amazon.

Test the product details on your own site using the Google  Rich Results Testing Tool then call us.

Missing Product Schema?

Technical SEO to fix Schema Syntax Errors

The purpose of Structured Data is to provide information to search bots in a format that makes it easy for them to “read” the web page. So it’s very important to ensure that the syntax of the data is correct.

Broken schema is not good SEO, so if you’re reading this Target, please change your markup to:

  “brand” : {
    “@type” : “Brand”,
    “name” : “PAW Patrol”

Test the accuracy of the product details on your own site using the Google  Rich Results Testing Tool .


Schema Syntax Errors?

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