SEO Strategy

The Trinito Digital Marketing Strategy is closely aligned to the Google Analytics Life Cycle Collection, each tenet can be assigned clear and measurable KPI’s to show SEO effectiveness.


The purpose of SEO is to attract web site visitors , leads and customers.


Content and User Experience keep your visitors engaged.


The process of  producing revenue from your site.


Ongoing services to retain your SERP position.


Our SEO Strategy is fully focused on increasing the organic search engine results position. Over eighty percent of clicks are directed at sites listed in the top four of the search results.

It’s also clear that focusing on organic ranking will yield better long term results than devoting the same resources to paid advertising.

Our acquisition strategy aims to list pages in one of the top positions and then entice the user to click the link – it’s not magic but it is science.

Engagement - Encourage your visitors to spend time on your site.

One of the measurements that we can use to measure engagement is the Bounce Rate.

Simply put, a bounce is a single page view on your site before an exit.

So unless your site is a single page it is essential to lower your bounce rate by engaging with your audience.

While Google do not count bounce rate as a ranking metric, they certainly pay attention to how long visitors spend on your site before returning to the search results – longer time indicates more relevant content.


Normally defined as the process of converting site visitors into leads or customers, but monetisation can be any user action that would be beneficial to the website owner.

Using Google Analytics we can help you to understand the user journey and make structure and design changes to encourage the decisions that you desire.


Once your website has reached an acceptable search position and you are ahead of the competition it is important to maintain your lead.

Some SEO Companies will sell you an ongoing service but we feel  monthly site management is normally sufficient. We will keep you up to speed with latest SEO trends and let you know if any are relevant to your business.

We will monitor your Google Search and Analytics consoles amd ensure that your SEO is still performing.

All you will need to do is continue to post great content on your site and make our recommended changes.